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James Hammons

Shamanistic guidance enhanced with ancient archetypes, James Hammons' self taught art is a mystical wonderland of color and character. "Enchantism" is his genre, for he feels enchantment is the oldest form of healing.

"Let's take a magical trip back to that which made us whole." 


Educated at  University of Redlands and a graduate degree from The University of Southern California, extensive travels and stays through Mexico and the jungles of Central America, years of living and studying art in Europe, James' innovative images are shown and loved throughout the world.


This website is designed to effortlessly bring to you, via mail, with free shipping, prints of James' favorite  original paintings. 

James Hammons' Art Slideshows

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"Astral Walk"

Joshua Tree's Mojave Rhythm  Band and James' original images

"Things About to Disappear"

Joshua Tree National Park Expo finalist

"Amused Muses"

James Hammons on "Enchantism"

Listen and watch as James discusses  his created art genre of Enchantism

Media Testimonials


Palm Springs Life Magazine, Palm Springs, California

Diving into a Pool of God

Open space, few rules, and the search for truth take Hi-Desert artists into the wild


 James Hammons says his work like "Tender is the Night," is inspired by Jungian archetypes. 

In a land where Joshua trees minister like prophets — arms outstretched in a frozen embrace — and boulders pyramid skyward in sublime veneration, muses ride Harleys and creativity lives in the space between shadow and light. There are no limits to artistic expression in the Hi-Desert; the canvas is as wide and open as the terrain itself. Here, artists who teeter on the fringe of convention find comfort in like minds and the freedom to serve only one master: the authentic self.

“I feel like artists have become indentured slaves to the galleries,” says artist James Hammons, sitting at a corner table in Natural Sisters Cafe in Joshua Tree. “There’s a natural censorship to capitalism. Up here, there’s an edge you don’t find down below [in the Coachella Valley]. You can live for a lot less and do things you normally might not do, because you don’t have to paint or draw to the crowd.” 

Hammons’ art hangs on the cafe’s walls in vivid testimony to the creative liberty he enjoys. Primitive drawings emboldened by bright colors characterize much of his work, which Hammons says is inspired by Jungian archetypes and “a cave wall 10,000 years ago.” A recent work titled “January” depicts a mermaid, the mythological temptress (or “nixie” in Jung’s vernacular) known to lure men to watery deaths, enjoying a moment to herself as she bathes in a desert hot spring. The artist’s favored medium is “whatever makes it work,” including conventional materials such as oil and acrylic paints to sand, Indian ink, and even nail polish. 

Hammons, who moved to Joshua Tree 14 years ago, often spends entire days hunkered down in remote corners of Joshua Tree National Park waiting for the stimuli that will spark his next creation. “The light almost penetrates you,” he says. “The subjects I’m looking at, they glow. It’s like a psychedelic experience, but without drugs.” If he sees something during his meditative foray in the desert, Hammons lets it simmer within. If he’s meant to transpose the experience into art, he receives a visual message encouraging him to paint. “The color scheme and the main focal point come into focus, and I mark it,” he says. “The line or curve that starts the process, that first stab into the luminescent realm, is the transition of an entity ready to fall off a cliff. That’s the moment I want, because it’s the perfect moment.”

Hammons believes that the environment — all that you see, hear, smell, touch, and everyone you meet — delivers an experience removed from the self-induced monotony of daily living. “Sometimes, I’ll go out into the park, far away from the touristy sections, and sit for 12 hours, and I won’t move,” he says. “Every single moment is magical, only we don’t recognize it because we’re so used to it. You can live a lifetime in five minutes, if you let yourself. It’s like diving into a pool of God.” #gallery #art store

Melanie Coe ~ James Hammons' Art Agent

  • Melanie and James met on a Mexican beach 35 years ago.  Besides Melanie's unique life, stories, and connection with The Beatles ("She's Leaving Home" ~ Paul McCartney and John Lennon); James and Melanie have always had a mutual love for all things art.  

  • For installations, gallery information and appearances by James Hammons, Melanie can be reached at:

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James Hammons' Writing Projects

image15  /    Published in News    

With over 500 million copies of her books sold in more than 40 countries, and her current novel, A POWER TRIP, on the top of the best seller lists, Jackie Collins has extended an option to producer Jay Weston for the film rights to her novel, THE LOVE KILLERS, which had been a number one best-seller on The New York Times list.

Weston notes, “This is a book which I have always coveted, but until we developed a screenplay that worked, Jackie was reluctant to give us the movie rights. Then screenwriter James Hammons wrote a truly brilliant script which solved the intricacies of the story, and Ms. Collins agreed to our plans for filming this gripping tale.”

Jackie’s sizzling female revenge story, interwoven by Hammons with today’s headlines of sex slavery and who controls it, details the life of powerful Russian mob boss who becomes angered that someone is cutting into his sex-trade profits. Needing to control his threatened prostitution empire, the Russian contracts a hit on a beautiful crusader who is persuading women to escape the illicit sex-slave ring. Unaware that this outspoken liberator has loyal family and friends, the mob boss has her brazenly blown away on a New York stage during a packed ‘freedom’ rally.

Three extraordinary women — the crusader’s sisters — rise to the challenge. In a sisterly promise, they vow revenge on the Russian in a way to hurt him most: using their bodies and sexual wiles to entice and bring down the mob bosses’ three beloved sons.

One sister, innocent-seeming Beth, goes after the oldest married son in New York. Kinky underground film star Rio will seduce a younger son in Miami. Gorgeous jet-setting model Lara will ensnare the son in Los Angeles. But it’s a dangerous game, heating to spell-binding intrigue, murderous suspense, raw eroticism and sudden passion, as these three sensational women exploit the son’s overblown sexual egos which prove too inflexible to survive.

Weston notes that Jackie Collins, one of the world’s top-selling novelists, has had 28 New York Times’ best-sellers to her credit. “Her hard-to-put down books are grounded in truth, laced with a bracing shot of humor. Vanity Fair has called Jackie ‘Hollywood’s own Marcel Proust. ‘The Love Killers’ illustrates a great storyteller at the height of he powers and we hope to transfer this to today’s film screens.”

Jay Weston has been a successful film producer for more than 40 years, and his Billie Holiday biofilm, :”Lady Sings The Blues,” achieved five Academy nominations. He is equally proud of having co-produced Director Billy Wilder’s last film, “Buddy, Buddy,” with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. Other Weston films featured Carol Burnett and Alan Arkin, Clint Eastwood, and Rod Steiger as W. C Fields. He is looking forward to making “The Love Killers” with Ms. Collins this year.

Rest in Peace, Jackie Collins.  We're determined to carry on your one-of-a-kind storytelling talents.

Sydney Sheldon's "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"


Sidney and James worked closely together to successfully adapt Sidney's last, best selling novel  to a feature film screenplay.

Plot:   "In four cities across the world, four people die violently and mysteriously. The dead share a single crucial link: each was connected to an all-powerful environmental thi Sydney Sheldon and James worked closely together to successfully adapt Sidney's last best selling nonk tank. Two of the victims' widows—accomplished painter Diane Stevens and international supermodel Kelly Harris—may hold the key to their husbands' demise. Terrified for their lives, suspicious of each other, and armed only with their own wits and guile, they must join forces in a nightmare cycle of they loved...and about an awesome conspiracy whose ultimate target is as big as the earth and as close as the air we breathe." ~ Wikipedia